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Our range of services includes:

Corporate Films/ Presentations

With our technical expertise, we are able to present our clients' Corporate Structures, Growth Plans & Success stories in an impressive way. We also shoot for Practical CDs & Presentations as per customer specifications of footage, colors & slides.

Multi Camera Units/ Live Projectors/ LED Video Screens

We provide Multi Camera Units with Jimmy JIB  & technicians, for outdoor shooting schedules. We also offer/install Live LED Video Wall  at customer's site for life size video presentations & also streaming Videos on YouTube & Facebook (LIVE)   

Documentary Films/Short Films

We shoot Documentary Films & Short Films on contract or free lance basis. Our technical aptitude in picturing lively camera footages & fine detail of an object, scene or person has made us a master in directing Documentary & Short films.

Communication Management

Knowledge and innovation forms the core of any communication campaign. The Visual House combines a multitude of disciplines and detail work to reach at a communication strategy that drives all our marketing, social and Behaviour change communication and business campaigns.

Ad Films

From multimedia presentation, animation to any type of other creative help, we offer everything for effective & contemporary Ad film shooting. We also provide artificial sets, models, editing and technically good & quick dubbing facility (on demand) for ad films to ensure high quality services.


Everyone knows a good product only sells with good marketing. And in today’s age that means an active online presence. Our team of digital media professionals and influencers works together in 3 stages to help you create that following.

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